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Shanghai Laimu electronic Limited by Share Ltd is a leading professional cover mainly precision electronic components research and development, production and sales of private enterprises with independent brands, to the connector and shielding stock abbreviation: Laimu shares Code: 603633. The company is a large domestic with the connector and shield design, development and production capacity of the specialized enterprises.
Laimu shares in the product and mold development as the core, to mold the development of advanced technology, precision stamping and injection molding manufacturing technology, as the mobile phone, automobile and other areas provide internal and external connectors, protect core components to avoid electromagnetic interference shielding design and product.
The company is Chinese Mould Industry Association member units, has won the "Shanghai city patent pilot enterprises", "Shanghai innovative enterprises", "high-tech enterprise", "Shanghai intellectual property advantage enterprise" honorary title. Currently has 169 professional R & D team, covering product design, mold design, process engineering and other fields, has a strong independent research and development capabilities, advanced mold development capabilities and precision product manufacturing capabilities. Technology driven company to master the 25 leading core technology. During the reporting period, the company and the subsidiary company has 113 patents, including 14 invention patents, and has 4 products to obtain Shanghai key new product certificate, 6 items were identified as high-tech achievement transformation project in Shanghai.
Electrical contact and shielding technology Laimu shares will focus on electronic information industry in the development, consolidation and development in the mobile phone and car electronic precision electronic components field advantage, and gradually the accumulation of advantages to expand consumer electronics and other fields, is committed to building a world-class R & D precision electronic components manufacturing enterprises.

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Enterprise: Shanghai Laimu electronic Limited by Share Ltd
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